The University Residence on Viale Toscana is a 9 floor building located near Bocconi University and the IED (the European Design Institute).

This property has a unique position, and all of its rooms are fully furnished and recently renovated, designed for students looking for accommodation to rent.


The property is equipped with a variety of services such as a concierge service with warden, CCTV surveillance, central heating, air conditioning, and connection to satellite and analogue television.

Periodic maintenance of the property including air-conditioning and boilers is the responsibility of the owner.


The property is made up of 24 apartments out of which 6 are two room apartments, 13 are three room apartments, and 5 are four room apartments.

The two room apartments include a shared bedroom, the three room apartments are made up of a single room and one shared room, while the four room apartments have three single bedrooms.

Two room apartment Three room apartment Four room apartment

Viale Toscana 13 A - 20136 Milan

In addition to its closeness to Bocconi University and the IED, the university residence is well connected to the city centre via metro and bus, and is close to supermarkets, parks and a public library.


numero verde: 800 960 355